From start to Finish

From a customer’s perspective, it’s a pretty simple system: You drop your clothes off at the cleaners, then pick them up – all fresh, spotless and wrinkle-free – in a couple of days.

But have you ever wondered how dry-cleaning actually works, or exactly how much skill and labor is involved in making your clothes look brand new? The modern dry cleaning process includes five important steps:

  • Overview – Our service begins with an inspection of your garments. We check spots, stains, loose buttons and threads. Fabric care labels are carefully read and your garment is cleaned using the manufacturer’s specifications. After cleaning,your garment is hand finished by our experts, inspected secondtime and finally packaged to it fresh and ready to wear.
  • Tagging and inspection – When you entrust your clothing to the care of a dry cleaner, your order must be identified. This includes counting the items and describing them (e.g. shirts, slacks, blouses), noting the date they were left and the date they’ll be ready for pick up. Next, a small tag is attached to each piece of clothing. The tag remains fixed to the garment during the entire dry-cleaning process. With this tag, we have access to your specific customer information – including your name, address, and telephone number. That way, your order can be tracked.
  • Pre-treatment – The first thing we do with your clothes is look for stains and treat them to make removal easier and more complete. Water may be applied to wet stains and solvent may be applied for dry stains (those that have grease or oil in them). 
  • Dry cleaning or laundering – At this point, your clothes are placed in dry clean machine or commercial washer and cleaned with proper process.
  • Post-spotting – During this stage, any lingering stains are removed from clothing using state-of-the-art cleaning processes utilizing steam, water, air, and vacuum.
  • Finishing – The final phase of dry-cleaning operations includes pressing, steaming, ironing, and making any necessary repairs to restore a garment – most often in plain view of customers. At Imperial Cleaners, we use a gentle hand-ironing method to give your garments the meticulous care they deserve.

Dry Cleaning

We use the highest quality dry cleaning products. Specially, we use environmentally safe DF-2000 formulas to clean your garments in compliance with the latest EPA standards. We are constantly looking for the best products money can buy. From silk to cottons, our gentle process leaves your clothes smelling fresh and feeling new again. Our staffs are highly experienced, well trained and qualified to work on your clothing.


Our professional laundering for shirts and other washable items uses a process to keep your garments looking their best. Special detergent, starches and finishes set the commercial laundry apart from home laundering. We hand crease each shirt sleeve for a crispy finish.