Executive Shirt Service

Executive Shirts Service


  • Beautifully Pressed
  • Collars & Cuffs hand-scrubbed
  • Buttons replaced
  • Hangers or boxed…you decide!

High-Quality Finishing

Our executive shirt service is unparalleled in the industry. At Imperial Cleaners all shirts are inspected for stains and collars and cuffs are gently scrubbed. Our shirts are then washed and when requested starch is applied per your instructions. We often dry clean your shirts as well if the stain will not come out of the washer. Using our state of the art automated robotic equipment your shirt is then dressed and pressed to perfection. All shirts are touched up by hand and all the sleeves are creased. Buttons are tightened or replaced free of charge! Our equipment will NOT produce those unsightly clamp marks, that would be visible down the front bottom center of the shirt. Another added benefit of the equipment is the reduction in the amount of button breakage.

On hangers/Folded

Shirts are packaged on hangers with sleeve clips, so your shirts look perfect for when you want to wear them. We also offer individually folded shirts into our deluxe custom packaging for traveling or shelf storage. Folded shirts are placed in an shopping bag for purposes of transport. On your request, your shirts Will be  on hangers or folded.