Care Label

What do they mean?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires manufacturers to attach a permanent label to textile garments that provides directions for their care. The label must warn about any part of the recommended care method that would harm the garment or other garments being laundered or dry cleaned with it. It also must warn when there is no method for cleaning a garment without damaging it.

Dry Cleaning

May I remove the care label?


Textile garments are required to have a care label attached at the time of purchase so that you can take care instructions into consideration when you buy an item. Removing the care label entails some risk, as full information or warnings regarding proper care will no longer be available to you or your cleaner.


Does "washable" mean it also can be dry cleaned?

If a garment’s care label says “washable” it may or may not be safely dry cleaned; there is no way of telling from the label. A manufacturer or importer is only required to list one method of safe care no matter how many other methods also could be used safely. The manufacturer or importer also is not required to warn about other care procedures that may not be safe. If you request a method of cleaning not listed on the care label, we will clean garments in a professional manner, to the best of our ability.


What if you follow the label and a problem develops?


If you follow these guidelines, your gown will be just as lovely when your daughter wishes to wear it at her own wedding. If properly handled, a gown can be an heirloom for future generation. We want you to protect your investment. Have your gown professionally cleaned and stored.