About Us

Our Goal

  • To get each garment cleaned professionally.  
  • To provide the most reliable customer service possible.
  • To keep using environmentally friendly cleaning technology.
Imperial Cleaners was established to provide the most professional, reliable and environmentally friendly dry cleaning service to our community. Our primary services include dry cleaning, laundry, household, alterations, leather, suede, fur, and wedding gown. We also offer a free pickup & delivery services. Our staffs are experts in dry cleaning business.
We have grown in technology and understanding as our number of years in business has increased.  As technology has advanced, so have we. Our three cleaning technologies include:
  • Conventional dry cleaning – excellent for grease and oily type stains
  • Hydrocarbon – safe for cleaning beaded, delicate garments and fragile buttons
  • Professional wet cleaning, a computer programmed cleaning system featuring    humidity controlled drying – This system is remarkable for stains like mustard, blood, mildew, and other “wet side” stains.
These three systems, along with our professional cleaning technicians, help us to remove stains that were difficult, if not impossible to remove in the past.  We also have systems that will work well for smoke removal along with flood damage.

Our commitment to the environment is never ending.  We were recycling when “recycling wasn’t cool.”  Our cleaning solution has always been recycled.  Just as you would not wash your clothing in dirty water, our product has all the impurities removed so your clothing is fresh.  In addition, we recycle hangers and dry-cleaning bags so they don’t end up in the landfill.


Our technicians are continually trained and updated on the newest technology.  The end result is customer satisfaction achieved in a safe environmentally sound manner.  Rest assured that as technology improves, we will invest in that technology.  We believe in one stop shopping for all your cleaning needs.